Welcome to #RunRevRun

Ministers are people too, people who need to live healthy lives. This site is a place for pastors and friends to share stories about trying to keep — or get — fit. We’re runners and walkers, vegetarians and meat-lovers, those who practice yoga and those who can’t even touch their toes, but we believe our bodies are a gift from God. This site is a place to share our journey of faith and fitness. Read more here.

#RunRevRun or #StopRevStop?

The last blog post on #RunRevRun was December 5, 2011, written by my good friend Greg Bolt. Since then, this blog and website has pretty much been dead. Now, I won't contribute its death to Greg (ha!) but, I'm guessing that as some of these projects come and go, people have energy for things for periods of time, and then people move on to other projects, etc. I think that's what has … [Read More...]

“Hey Stranger, You’re Awesome”

The title of this post is a quote from a sign I saw several places as I traversed the 26.2 mile route of the Portland Marathon on a cool, rainy Sunday morning in October. It also happens to be one of the most grace-filled and holy things I have ever seen. I have said this before but it was driven home for me during my race, and during this Year of Memories, that the community that … [Read More...]

The Clymb

Get Gear at a Great Price

With each successive mile I realize the importance of utilizing quality the gear. The problem is that quality costs (and sometimes it costs a lot). A few weeks ago a friend let me know about a new website that offers quality outdoor gear at highly discounted prices. Like Woot they offer products at a discounted price for a certain length of time. The deal ends when time expires or when … [Read More...]