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With each successive mile I realize the importance of utilizing quality the gear. The problem is that quality costs (and sometimes it costs a lot). A few weeks ago a friend let me know about a new website that offers quality outdoor gear at highly discounted prices. Like Woot they offer products at a discounted price for a certain length of time. The deal ends when time expires or when items have sold out. The nice thing about The Clymb is that they deal exclusively in outdoor goods and products. Recently, they’ve carried running shoes, clothing, hydration packs, and things of that sort.

I neither own shares in the company nor have any stake in their success or failure as a company. I share this information only so that other runners may get the gear that they need and run in the out-of-doors without having to pay an outrageous price for quality gear.

To sign up and become a member of The Clymb, simply follow the link: Register for The Clymb.





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Josh Rhone is a husband and father of two who serves as the pastor of the Mount Union Wesleyan Church in Mount Union, Pa. His love of running stems from a desire to be healthy enough to run and play with his kids without sucking wind. He blogs regularly at and can also be found on Twitter (@joshrhone) and Facebook.


  1. I’m also a HUGE fan of TheClymb. It’s just sad to see my paycheck disappear so quickly when they bring out so many good deals … particularly on running shoes and climbing equipment (which is their current sale).

    (One thing, though, you might want to disclose that the links you used above will give you referral kickbacks if/when people make purchases. Not disclosing affiliate-style links is pretty shady …)

    • Eric,

      The deals on The Clymb are fantastic.

      I would have disclosed the links if I was getting referrals. I went back in to double-check the links and they are directing people to the main Clymb page and not my referral link page (on my personal website that is a different story).

  2. Joe Delci says:

    Thanks for the tip, I signed up.
    I am used to a site called, very similar to the clymb but they sell action sports stuff like snowboarding, ski, surf, skate and the like.
    Now I have one to get my trail running gear and not have to pay full price. THANK YOU!

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